Gaby & William – Salsa Engagement Session

Ten years ago Gaby and William first met not knowing how much their lives would change from that day forward.  They were invited by a mutual friend to go see a co-worker they both knew to perform with his band.  When William first saw Gaby, he couldn’t stop starring at her as though they had met before.  They talked all night.  At the end of the night they said goodbye but William didn’t have the courage to ask Gaby for her number.  Big mistake because he could not stop thinking about her after that night. Good thing for their mutual co-worker, William was able to find out more about Gaby. William set up an evening where they would meet again.  This time it was salsa dancing and that is when sparks flew.  They had so much in common, deep down they knew they were perfect for each other.  At the end of the night William made sure he didn’t make the same mistake twice and asked Gaby for her number.  Since that night they’ve been inseparable and will become one in September.  We are excited to be able to shoot their wedding and document such an important day in their lives together.  For now I would like to show you their engagement session we did for them.  Since they fell in love dancing salsa, and is a big part of their life, it was only obvious to include that in their engagement session.

I would like to say a big thanks to Johnny Polanco and his band for being part of this shoot!  We couldn’t have pulled this off without you guys so again, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!  And the Ebell Club of Long Beach for letting us shoot in your amazing place.  It was perfect.

After a quick outfit change, we finished our shoot with these lovely photos.

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