Joe’s Senior Portrait Session

In the process of getting a new logo done, preparing for our new website and revamping our new look, I shot many photo sessions that didn’t get a chance to get blogged.  I actually stopped blogging in May at our old blog and still kept shooting, so I still have lots of images waiting in queue.

Now it’s turn to show you a Senior session I did for Joseph.  I was excited to shoot this senior portrait session because it was my first time shooting a guy by himself.  I usually shoot kids, couples or families, and the approach to shooting them is completely different than to shooting a guy.  The cutesy stuff wouldn’t really work well with a guy.  In this case I wanted something more masculine but young at the same time.  We first stopped at Joseph’s old High School.

Then we went to this cool car shop in Bellflower.

I want to thank Curt’s Wheel and Tire for letting us shoot inside their shop!


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