Miguel & Olga – Malibu Engagement Photography

When Olga told me she was engaged, I felt so happy for her .  But when she asked me if I could photograph her wedding, I was not only double excited but scared!  I told her not to feel pressured to choose me as her photographer since I was her friend.  She said she wasn’t, for she really wanted me to photograph her wedding.  I was secretly jumping inside of me.  You see, Olga and I grew up together.  We have been friends since Jr. High.  We called each other best friends through High School.  When we graduated, we both went our separate ways.  We went to different schools and made new friends, but we have kept in contact all these years.  She was there when I got married.  Two months later she was there when my father passed away.  Two years later it was me visiting her when her father passed away.  And here we are now, and it’s me who will be able to photograph her wedding!  Never did I imagine being in this spot, but I take it with gratitude.  So thank you Olga.  Now, I am not going to get all mushy and start showing our pictures growing up, although it would be funny.  This is about Olga and Miguel!

When it came time to plan their engagement session, we were hoping for a sunny beautiful day and a picnic under the trees.  We can’t predict our so cal weather.  They said only 20% chance of rain!  I always wanted to do a photo session in the rain but a planned one, if that is possible. Since the weather wasn’t improving we improvised a photo session in the rain.  They braved the rain and cold, but kept each other warm with their love.

After some wine they were brave enough to go in the rain!  It wasn’t pouring but it was this non-stop fine rain, the one that gets you equally as wet.

I really wanted to capture the rain so we took one last shot.  The rain made it so awesome!

Olga, I saw how Miguel makes you very happy and that makes me very happy!  He completes you! Olga & Miguel, congrats on your future wedding.

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