Ben + Cynthia Photo Stand and some advice to keep it fun!

Our Photo Stands are nothing boring.  We bring out the props and people can’t help keep their hand off of them.  They get to have fun, and the bride and groom get more memories of their guests! Here are just a few of the images we got all night.

We have been doing quite a few photo stands and they are always a hit.  Usually we get a line all night!  There are quite a few keys to have a good picture.  One- Keep your props at a minimum of one, two the most per person.  That will make sure people know who you are, unless you are trying to be undercover!  Two- Although a large group is fun, not everyone comes out at times, or the background area starts showing.  The most I recommend is four people, but once that happens people love to jump in and it becomes a party.  Do what you like but my recommendation is four.  Three-  Pictures without props are nice too.  Take one without props and one with.  You will like them both!  Four – Please put everything back nicely for the next group in line can get to see the options they have and keep an eye on your children.    Five- Take a card with the directions for you can see your photos!  Six – Even if you are shy, come in and take a photo.  The bride and groom will love their photos forever and will have a memory of all their guests.  Seven- When all else fails, just have fun and enjoy your night!

We are available for hire for all types of events.  Please contact us for more information!

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