Day 3 – Bangkok, Floating Market

Our third day in Bangkok started with a planned excursion to the floating market.  Our bus left at 7 am. With our jet lag, we had been up since 3 am, so we were ready very early! Since we had taken a long boat tour of Bangkok canals and river, Steve asked me if I really wanted to do the floating market.  I am so glad we did because that has been the highlight of our trip so far and our favorite thing while in Bangkok.  This floating market is one hour away from the city of Bangkok.  Before we arrived at the floating market where they took us to a typical Thai home where they cultivate coconuts and showed us the process of making coconut sugar and coconut milk.  Then we arrived at the boat station.  It literally felt like I was in Disneyland waiting to get on a ride!



Our guide explained that Bangkok’s floating market has slowly become non-existent and this floating market still thrives and he was not kidding.  The difference between this market and the one in Bangkok is that these canals are man made.  King Rama IV had the prisoners dig up.  It is very large and has many canals like roads.  The people here grow their own crops and go to the market and sell their crops, or sell fresh food, as well as souvenirs to the tourist. We went right at rush hour so you can see lots of traffic At this intersection.

We got to taste some yummy treats such as mango with sticky rice and coconut ice cream.  It was sooo hot you can tell in my pic how bad it was. I was a sweaty mess.

Thailand is a beautiful country. A must visit.  Stay tunes for more updates soon.  Our internet access is very limited but nonetheless I’ll try to post when I can.

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