Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

I am a private person.  I don’t think anybody can easily open up and show their flaws, especially in a public form like this.  I know a lot of people use blogs to open up about whatever they want. But you also get readers who either sympathize or critize the person.  Would the readers symphatize?

Today was one of those days, actually, it’s been one of those weeks were things don’t go as planned. Were you envisioned every day what you will do, even cook and then something happens that throws you all off.  I had planned to start my workout regimen good this week, finish all this editing, read our travel guide and book our trip to Thailand for next month.  Accompany my mom to her doctor appointment.  Finish two editing jobs.  Order a wedding album. Meet with some clients.  Do a presentation.  Submit my images to a website who is requesting my images. Blog two posts that are ready. Go scouting for a photo shoot this weekend. Then my life froze.  A major migraine decided to come for a visit for three days.  A throbbing pain, sensitivity to light, wanting to throw up, the works.  Out the door goes my workout. Again. I ran out of ink.  Didn’t finish the album in time.  Didn’t read the travel book, therefore didn’t book the flight and prices go up.  Grew a zit in my forehead (those hurt). Didn’t scout and it might rain on the weekend.  But work, it’s always there! Today, as I was editing, I was telling my friend all my plans for a new venture I have been thinking about for quite a while when I got this anxiety attack.  Could this week get any better?  As I am on my couch crying (not major crying, just releasing some stress tears) and trying to calm myself down I realize I didn’t cook for this week, and now I am hungry.  I find the last two pieces of bread to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and realize we are out of jelly.  It’s just one of those weeks.  As I am eating my dry peanut butter sandwich I sit and hope everybody is having a nicer one than me.  I just can’t wait for my husband to come home from work and give me a hug and feel everything is alright.

3 responses to “Peanut butter and jelly sandwich”

  1. Zoila says:

    Awww Lizzy, it’ll get better I’m sure. Have you heard the saying that there’s always a rainbow after every storm. I think your rainbow is just around the corner Hang on my friend Hey! I heard on the radio today that gas prices are going down by next week and so are airfares, no rain on the forecast and jelly is on sale at Trader Joes. I’ll get you a jar. 😉

  2. Naeli says:

    Awww nena!!! Ya mismo te vas para Thailand so enjoy it!! WOOHOO!! No more editing, ink problems, albums to oder, just a fun & relaxing time with your hubs <3

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