Ben & Malissa – Orange County Wedding

It was a blazing heat, HOT sunny beautiful day nonetheless.  But it didn’t matter wether if it was 110 or minus 5 degrees, Ben would be waiting for Malissa at the Bowers Museum to see his beautiful bride.

What a gorgeous wedding gown!…and beautiful bride!

Ben and Malissa opted for a first look and it was perfect.  A first look is summarized in three frases:

1 -Happy can’t wait to be in each other arms Emotions 

2- Heart jumping our of your chest excitement

3 – Love at first sight all over again.  The reception took place at the Doubletree in Costa Mesa, Orange County.  

Please take a look at the cinematric highlight film from our friends at Russell John Films!

Malissa & Ben- Cinematic Highlight from Russell John Films on Vimeo.

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