Jazmin & Ryan-Married, Whittier Wedding Photography

One of the most funniest weddings I have done.  There was so much entertainment between the bride and groom, I can see the rest of their lives together filled with lots of joy and laughter.  Please enjoy these photos!If it just so happens that there was a girl dressed in a wedding dress with her closest friends in bridesmaid dresses just casually driving, and all of the sudden in another car a guy in a tux was with his friends in suits and somehow run into each other, this is what I would imagine would happen… 😉…there would be some major flirting going on!…and some shyness and playing hard to get.

But that wouldn’t really happen right?! So lets get back to our normal wedding photos.  I normally don’t add family photos to the blog but these were too cute to pass up.

Reception took place at the historic Crystal Marquis in Whittier, CA.Thanks to DJ Danni for keeping every one excited and on the dance floor. And Impulse Event Lighting for lighting up the night!

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